Information Architecture

Like architects create environments of brick and morter to work and live in, information architects create environments and places of information to work and live in. I see this practice of #placemaking and #sensemaking as one of the fundamental traits of designing our new age.

As a result, you will #experience a digital #product or #service that makes sense to you, and which may be #fun. If so, this is a result of a thought-through #structure and #ontology which lets you form a correct #mentalmodel of the product or service.

Ping #me if you have questions around information architecture, since this is one of my favourite topics.

Articles with this term

Masters build their own tools

Before he dedicated his life to interior architecture and to product design, my #father initially was trained in #carpentry, among other professions. Now, after he retired, he encounters again the joy of working with wood, especially carving. And makes his own tools. read more →

Hashtags in Blogracer

I've been inspired by #iainc 's #hashtag treatment within the #iawriter. It just feels at the same time so nerdy and natural to use them. Such a hashtag is then both, the meta data of an #article, and part of the article's #content, which is exciting for an #ia like me. read more →

How to cut a system

One of my tasks as an #ia is dividing an existing system, so that improvements can be done in an #iterative way. It usually takes some time to understand along which lines the #system can actually be cut. Usually these lines are following the company's communication borders, but ideally the lines are along use cases. read more →

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