the macintosh

the macintosh was the one machine to popularize the graphical user interface, with all the essential paradigms as we know and use them ever since on every contemporary pc. the #desktop. the cursor. files and folders. cut and paste. the clipboard.

although the original macintosh was underpowered, buggy, and with limited software, it became firstly a great platform for creative applications and appliances, and secondly a great inspiration for the decades to come.

the macintosh is part of the tiny #collection of information machines.

Articles with this term

The Apple II mimicking the typewriter

I just recently realized how different the Apple II was. I was aware of the technological achievements. But this time, it struck me that there has been no mental model of a PC before in almost any head of any person back then in 1977. And that meant, that no one knew how a PC was supposed to look like. read more →

Macintosh’s flawed windows

Now that I’ve spent quite some time with the original #macintosh and its #os, it’s clear how wrong the concept of movable, arbitrarily resizable #windows is. It’s in such stark contrast to my now main work device, the #ipadpro. read more →

The Macintosh

Now that I got to learn a lot about Macintosh, the first #mac, I'm impressed. Given what the developers had at that time, the #computer seems like an impossible achievement. The micro processor #hardware at that time was in its infancy, and the consumers were stuck with the #mentalmodel of the #commandline. read more →

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