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What is information?

An excerpt from the book “How to make sense of any mess” by Abby Covert: 2015-01-07


Containerist Hub's anatomy

A containerist hub is a server which displays and serves containers and stacks. Hubs can serve as nodes of a containerist mesh network on the open internet, serving containers to their own and foreign stacks. 2014-11-27, by Konstantin Weiss

Die kleine S. ist da

Willkommen, liebe Tigrinha! 2014-11-11

Carcassonne zum ersten Mal

A. hat heute zum ersten mal Carcassonne gespielt. 2014-10-23

Digitale Souveränität oder Soziales Internet?

> Die Entwickler, die für einen Großteil der Menschen den Zugang zum digitalen Leben gestalten, werden nicht demokratisch kontrolliert, sondern dienen dem Götzen Werbewirtschaft, auf dessen Altar sie die Informationen der Menschen opfern. 2014-08-26

Tl;dr / Pics or it didn't happen

1. tl;dr 2014-08-26

Books about the danger of Artificial Intelligence

There is no reason to think that by default these powerful future machine intelligences would have any human-friendly goals. 2014-08-08


Der Stutenkerl der Schweiz 2014-07-10

A mesh of distributed web containers

Imagine if the web was one big API, and you could request and mashup content from anywhere. 2014-07-07

Links to Facebook’s emotion contagion study

It seems to be the first time that science proves, not only mass media can manipulate emotions. Social media can, as well. 2014-06-29

Palatschinken (Pfannkuchen)

Empfohlen von Boris von Luhovoy. 2014-06-29


A. liest erste Sätze

Allein gelesen. 2014-06-21

Grundlagen zur digitalen Überwachung

Lesebefehl. 2014-06-05

What TV does to kids

This is one of the most powerful images I've ever seen. 2014-05-30

Google's business model scalability

Google's business model is shaped to scale gradually – by you paying with your data. 2014-05-28

Life is the art of drawing without eraser

Жизнь – это искусство рисовать без ластика. 2014-05-26

Mein Feuerstuhl

Habe mir kurzentschlossen ein Fahrrad gekauft. 2014-05-25

Nothing significant happens, until a pattern is broken.

Precisely what I do for living. 2014-05-25

Pesto nach Se Vi

Einfach. 2014-05-23

Our today's menu is a hamburger

Codemaster S about the state of the navigation menues of today (and maybe about our diet, too). 2014-05-21

24 hours of happy

So nice: happy zu jeder Tages- und Nachtzeit. 2014-05-18

'Cybersecurity' begins with integrity, not surveillance

When you are continuously surveilled, when your every word – even your private conversations, even your personal journals – are subject to continuous monitoring, you never have the space in which to think things through. If you doubt a piece of popular wis... 2014-05-09


Learned a new word. A shared screen in a shared screen in a shared screen. 2014-05-02

Priorities in the Containerist context

Priority lists are a great tool to start architecting services before form comes into play. They help postpone judgements about shape or layout and concentrate on user needs, business goals and messages instead. And they are great for introducing the Containerist model. 2014-05-02

Arte Legno - Made of olive trees

I just love this kind of stuff. It reminds me of the good old days with [Illian](/illian) and his raw food cui... 2014-05-02

Crêpes Grundrezept

Sandras Grundrezept 2014-04-20

Folar de Chaves

Sandras Kindheitserinnerungen werden wach. 2014-04-20

Quiche mit Lachs, Spinat und Pinienkernen

Auf einem Mandel-Mürbeteigboden nach italienischer Art 2014-04-20

Karate-Do's Master and his Masters

[Gichin Funakoshi][GF] → [Shigeru Egami][SE] → Kiroku Fukutome 2014-02-18


Was Max Frisch vor 50 Jahren über unsere Ängste vor den Fremden schrieb, ist heute noch verblüffend aktuell. 2014-02-09

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

-- Pablo Picasso 2014-01-11

Bookmark / Push, Pull, Fork - GitHub for Academics

Description of how Git, and GitHub, can be used for academic purposes. 2014-01-10

Square One – a skin for the Containerist

This year my digital home got a new skin. I call it Square One, as it is built around the proportion of four times one elements. 2014-01-04

The Plan for 2014

I'll reduce to the three core topics. And I'm looking forward to every single one. 2014-01-01

Building a homestead

Again I've realized that I'm trying to build a home and homestead in the world of news and advertizing, called 'the web'. 2013-12-23

User interface model for a smartwatch

If Apple really builds an iWatch, the probably best interaction model for it would be the one of Google Glass. The cards/timeline model, with primarily orientation along future, present and past, the best distraction-little model I've seen so far. 2013-12-22

Neu ist nicht besser

Hier sei nur kurz festgehalten: Wir leben heute in einer Welt, in der das Neue nicht unbedingt mehr das Bessere ist. 2013-12-19

Google kauft Boston Dynamics

BigDog, Cheetah, WildCat and Atlas have joined Google’s growing robot menagerie. 2013-12-14

Container life cycle?

Is there such thing as 'life cycle of a container'? That is a question with regard to a 'resource life cycle' and a 'component life cycle'. 2013-12-11

Container vs. Resource

Within the containerist model, it is worth noting, that a container is not the same as a resource, or 'component' in the terminology of content strategists. 2013-12-11

Nobel winner declares boycott of top science journals

Randy Schekman says his lab will no longer send papers to Nature, Cell and Science as they distort scientific process 2013-12-11

Scientific publishing principles

Being only in the beginning of my research, I have no clear idea yet of how a publication system for the academia should be. But maybe it should derive from the principles of the web of our children. 2013-12-11

Why the NSA needed Snowden's revelations

The NSA needed a wistleblower like Snowden, I think at times. Probably not in this amount of revelations. But. Real power manifests, if everybody knows about the power, and knows that they can be observed anytime. 2013-12-10

XML Vocabulary

Just for reference purposes. 2013-12-10